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Why do pipes knock when it''s cold? | Naked Science Forum

Why do pipes knock when it''s cold? This sets off oscillations of the water in the pipe which produce the knocking sound. The knocking occurs when it is cold because then there is a greater demand for hot water (for heating) and the flow rate rises above the critical level to produce turbulent flow.

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How can I Tell if my EGR Valve Needs to be Cleaned or

22/10/2019· The mechanic at midas today said something like I''ve got a hole or something in my manifold and it''s making a hissing sound and I need to EGR valve, but there is still knocking and when idle or low speeds, the truck will stall. Do you think I like gas really bad. then i noticed gas leaking from the exhaust pipe.

I have a loud knocking noise coming from the natural …

I have a loud knocking noise coming from the natural gas line to my furnace, if I grab hold of the line I can feel it shaking. It does this for about 30 seconds or so, everytime the burners shut off after a normal heating cycle. The smart

6 Unusual Central Heating Noises & What They Could Mean

6 Unusual Central Heating Noises & What They Could Mean Everyone’s central heating system probably makes a ‘strange noise’ at some point. When your boiler, radiators or pipes start making strange sounds, it can often seem quite worrying.

How to Stop Pluing Pipes From Making Noise | Home

2019/04/03· Phantom Knocking You may be mystified by the knocking sound you hear coming from water pipes when no one is using any water. The sound usually comes from pipes carrying hot water, and it''s a result of heat

Noisy Gas Meter | DIYnot Forums

Dec 10, 2009· Should a gas meter make a noise whilst gas is flowing through it? I can always tell when my boiler is running as I can hear the meter making a repetitive noise. Not ecessively noisy (wife can''t hear it), but it is there. Best way of describing it is like the repetitive noise …

How Do I Stop My Pipes from Knocking?

In most cases, knocking pipes are caused by variable water pressure in the main supply pipes coming into your home. That pressure is important because it keeps the water moving freely between pipes and into your faucets. However, when the air used in pressurizing those pipes leaks or is depleted, water moves suddenly and violently, creating the knocking sound as it traverses the length of the supply …

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24/10/2019· Forum Feedback & Help Make new suggestions for BCF and report any bugs / problems here. 2,060: 18,768: 09 Oct 2019 Ste: Found on the ''Net …

Got Noisy Central Heating Pipes? Here’s Why. And, The Fix.

To do this, the system needs to be drained, sections of pipework cut out, new pipe work fitted, and the system refilled. We’d suggest getting help from a heating engineer. #4 – Airlocks In Pipework. Anything that sounds like a harsh banging, knocking pipes or clunking noise is likely to be an airlock in the pipework, radiators or pump.

Knocking noise from exhaust? | DSMtuners

09-02-2006· Exhaust pipes have become my nemesis since I started working in shops. I have three identical burns on my right arm from changing the oil on recently driven cars. I had a similar problem with my muffler after I first put it on. At first, I thought it was just because of my ghetto muffler - the sound was more of a rattle than a knock. After I

4 Ways to Quiet Noisy Pipes - wikiHow

Mar 29, 2019· Do this every 4 feet (1.2 m) along length of the pipe. Leave room for expansion around the pipe or anchoring mechanism. This is particularly important when insulating plastic pipes. Avoid galvanized anchors on copper piping. Even small pipe movement can create a lot of noise when metal on metal comes against metal.

Is Your Water Heater Making Noise? (HERE''S WHAT TO DO)

Nov 20, 2018· Gas water heater is making loud noise like a running water inside when you open the line. Also, when you go to the bathroom, you here the same sound like running water enveloping the room. When you turn off the line of the gas heater, the noise …


A sound is a noise, something you can hear if you''re in the right spot and it''s loud enough. the sound of knocking (as on a door or in an engine or bearing) murmur, murmuration, the characteristic sound made by a turkey cock. grate. a harsh rasping sound made by scraping something. grinding.

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How to stop heating pipes from making noise

Gone are the cold nights where we’d turn off the heating at night because the noise from the pipes was just too loud to allow us to sleep. I’m not joking, on really cold nights, where the heating would be on a lot, we’d be woken up every half hour or so just because the pipe noise was so bad.

clio 1.2 16v knocking and shaking - Blogger

13/8/2014· I have 2002 1.2 16v clio which makes knocking noise. The noise is louder when it''s cold but can well be heard from a warm engine too. I''ve already checked valve clearances and the

Knock / Pinging / Detonation | What does it sound like

Apr 15, 2018· Knock is the biggest killer of performance engines so it pays to know what you’re dealing with. In this lesson you’re going to hear what knock sounds like and how an ECU can detect it.

How to Quiet Your Noisy, Knocking Water Pipes - Mr

A pipe strap securing a pipe to a wall. If the loose pipes are in the walls, you may be able to eliminate the knocking noise by placing padding or foam insulation at each end where the pipe comes out of the wall. High water What it

Noise control in hydraulic systems | Hydraulics & Pneumatics

Noise control in hydraulic systems. Hydraulic systems that run without making a lot of noise don' so in long sections it can be a greater source of noise than metal tubing or pipe. Securing tubing to framework with resilient clamps eliminates rattling and banging Surge suppressor uses pressurized nitrogen gas, elastic merane,

Are Your Pipes Making Noise? 24|7 Home Rescue

Feb 23, 2015· If you’re wondering how to stop water pipes from making noise then try a few of these simple tips. Wobbly pipes. Pipes should be securely strapped in place to ensure they do not move around. The friction created when water flows through pipes can cause the pipe to move about and bang against the surrounding wall. To reattach a wobbly pipe:

Knocking or Ticking Noise From Your Engine | AxleAddict

Jan 21, 2019· A knocking or ticking noise from your engine is a sign that something is wrong, usually because of a lack of oil. If you''re questioning what is normal engine noise, I may have the answer.

Is Your Water Heater Making Noise? (HERE''S WHAT TO DO)

Nov 20, 2018· Gas water heater is making loud noise like a running water inside when you open the line. Also, when you go to the bathroom, you here the same sound like running water enveloping the room. When you turn off the line of the gas heater, the noise …

How To Fix Noisy Pipes | HowStuffWorks

If the knocking sound occurs only when you turn on the hot water, it means that the water heater is set too high. The noise is steam ruling through the hot water system. Turning the heat setting down may silence the pipes. A pipe that''s too small to begin with or that has become clogged with scale or mineral deposits can be a big noise problem.

How to Fix Mercedes Benz Engine Knocking Sound? - …

2018/04/24· Learn about common engine problems, why it occurs, and how to fix it. A "knocking" noise from a Mercedes Benz engine while it is running is serious cause for alarm. Call …

Pipe Sounds & What They Mean | Indiana Pluers

Nov 20, 2015· Rather, the rattling sounds can indie pipes that are not properly secured. The metal from water supply pipes cause sound waves to transmit through the house. If there is an irregular pattern of water flow going through the pipes, it can cause them to shake, eliciting a rattling sound.

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