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How to Snake a Drain

A main drain, or main sewer drain, is typically 3 or 4 inches in diameter and requires a sewer auger to clear most stoppages. Using a standard snake or, in some cases, a mini-rooter, can lead to problems, such as the cable doubling back on itself or tying itself into knots inside the drain pipe.

Fernco Sewer Main Flexible Tap Saddle | Fernco - US

Flexible Tap Saddles. The faster & less costly way to make sewer main connections. One Fernco Saddle will fit and 6” and larger sewer mains. Available for all 4” or 6” plastic or cast iron drain pipe inlets in tee or wye configurations.

Foundation Drains - Footing Drains, installation details

Foundation drainage installation and troubleshooting: this article defines, gives specifiions for and discusses types of interior perimeter drain or french drain methods for stopping or preventing wet basements and crawl spaces. We describe the basic types of exterior and interior foundation drainage and de-watering systems for homes. Wet basement prevention & cure, a guide to preventing

10 Symptoms of a Damaged Sewer Pipe | PipeLT

/ 10 Symptoms of a Damaged Sewer Pipe View Larger Image; When you have the drain snaked it may be going into the sewer and pulling back debris in the city main. You said the city wasn’t helpful, did they camera their main. Are the neighbors on either side also experiencing backups?

Trap (pluing) - Wikipedia

Because of its shape, the trap retains some water after the fixture''s use. This water creates an air seal that prevents sewer gas from passing from the drain pipes back into the building. Essentially all pluing fixtures including sinks, bathtubs, and showers must be equipped with either an internal or external trap.

Drain and Sewer Pipe Cleanouts | Home Owners Network

Drain and Sewer Pipe Cleanouts; Drain and Sewer Pipe Cleanouts. Cleanout Loions and Spacing 1. Install a clean-out in every horizontal drain pipe so that the distance between clean-outs is not more than (≤) 100 feet, measured along the length of the pipe. Install at least (≥) one clean-out for every horizontal drain pipe regardless of

Clay Drain Pipe | This Old House

I have a clay pipe coming up in my yard next to my house to accept the downspout. That clay pipe is cracked. I have replaced this in the past. But I can''t find clay pipe in Pittsburgh. Is there another solution? I was thinking of REMOVING the cracked clay drain pipe and just repace it with PVC and just set the PVC section (about 2-3 feet of PVC) right on the section of clay

What is a P-Trap? (with pictures)

Sep 26, 2019· The drain elbow for a p-trap fits into the drain pipe which goes directly into the wall. Codes require a p-trap (or an s-trap) any place there is an open drain line that flows into the drain-waste-vent system. As the name implies, the drain-waste-vent system removes solid, liquid or gas waste from the home through drains and vents.

How to Install PVC Pipe for Drainage | Hunker

How to Install PVC Pipe for Drainage By Laurie Brown SAVE; Installing a PVC drainage system and connecting it to your existing rain gutter is a great way to help prevent water damage to your home or erosion to your landscape. PVC Drainage Pipe. Step 1 Quickly insert one end of the pipe into the adapter and the remaining end into the

Cast Iron Pipe - Pipe - The Home Depot

With high-crush strength durability and superior sound deadening performance it''s the preferred material for no-pressure drain installations. LDR carries a full line of cast iron pipe fittings and accessories for your residential sanitary drain project. More + Close

Figuring Out Your Drain-Waste-Vent Lines - dummies

A drainpipe attached to the p-trap goes into an opening in the wall. Behind the wall (where you can’t see), a vent line and drainpipe lead to a soil stack, which is the control center of the wastewater system. Drain pipes take the wastewater to the soil stack; through the stack, sewer gases are carried up to the roof through vent lines.

Tapping into Existing Lines - Adding Plastic Drain Lines

Tapping into a wet wall is much less trouble than installing new drain, vent, and supply lines, but it is still a major project. Don’t spoil the job by getting one important detail wrong: A telltale sign of an unprofessional pluing job is when the hot and cold end up on the wrong sides of the sink.

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Home Drain Pipes

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Home Drain Pipes. Table of Contents. Only when clogs occur do most people consider the limits of water pipes. Don''t Rely on Drain Cleaners. pour one cup of vinegar into the kitchen sink drain and allow it to saturate for half an hour. Follow that with a kettle full of scalding hot water.

All You Need to Know About Basement Drains - Bob Vila

Exterior Drain Tile. + Effectively transports groundwater away from the foundation so that it can’t seep into your basement. Similar to exterior drain tile, an interior French drain features a perforated pipe that carries water to a collection pit where it can be pumped to the surface.

How Do You A Join Cast Iron Pipe to Plastic Drain Pipe In

Aug 28, 2013· How do you join a cast iron pipe to a plastic drain pipe? This is a really simple question to answer. If you are a Do-It-Yourselfer, just confirm with a pluer that you want to join old pipes …

How to Install a Kitchen Sink Drain - The Spruce

There aren''t many reasons for changing out the drain pipes under a kitchen sink, but one of the most common is during a kitchen renovation when the sink is being replaced. The steps for installing the sink drain will depend on how different the new sink is from the

How to Run Drain and Vent Lines | Better Homes & Gardens

Drain and vent lines are important aspects of your home''s sewer system. If the vent wall is parallel to the drain pipe, To run a vent pipe through the ceiling, first drill a test hole to make sure you won''t bump into any joists in the attic.

PLUING SYSTEM image - Visual Dictionary Online

Pipe delivering cold drinking water to a house’s pluing system; it is an extension of the water service pipe. main cleanout Metal part screwed to the drain that can be removed if the drain …

Storm Water Drain Pipe Emptying Into A Culvert High-Res

View top-quality stock photos of Storm Water Drain Pipe Emptying Into A Culvert. Find premium, high-resolution stock photography at Getty Images.

Measuring Pipes and Pipe Fittings - images-na.ssl-images

Measuring Pipes and Pipe Fittings by Larry Johnston. Drain, waste and vent (DWV) piping can be copper, galvanized steel, cast iron (black) or plastic To determine the length of pipe needed to connect two fittings, take two dimensions into account: The fitting socket depth and the laying length. The illustration below shows how the

How to move utility sink and extend trap / drain pipe

I''d like to move the utility sink (that my washer drains into) in my basement ~6 inches to the left to accommodate a new washer dryer. The incoming water lines aren''t a problem, but as you can see from the image below, the drain goes straight down to a trap and then back 90 degrees to the house drain.

How to Replace a Sink Drain P-Trap | Hunker

The drain trap—sometimes called the P-trap due to its distinctive shape—is the curved section of pipe that you see immediately under the sink. The drain trap can be made from several different types of pipe material. PVC plastic is the most common in modern installations, but the trap can also be made of copper, chrome, brass, or ABS plastic.

How to Snake a Shower Drain: 10 Steps (with Pictures

29/3/2019· To snake a shower drain, take the cover off the drain and feed the end of the snake into it. Once the snake is a few inches down your drain and you feel resistance, slowly crank the snake handle clockwise. The handle will get harder to crank as the snake breaks its way through the hair or other material causing the clog.

Add laundry sink to washer drain? | Terry Love Pluing …

14/2/2018· drain Cut the trap off and install an elbow facing out of the wall. Then connect the sink''s P trap to that, if you are not going to use the pipe in the wall for the washer drain. If you do plan to keep the current connection and add a sink, (by connecting it to the washer''s

Symptoms of a Sewer Drain Clog - The Spruce

If the main sewer drain is clogged, it can eventually back up all of the drains in the house, which is why such a clog can be so serious. At the very least, a clogged main sewer drain pipe may cause wastewater and raw sewage to back up through a floor drain into the basement or floor of an hour home.

How to Install Toilet Drain Pipes | Hunker

If there is enough play in the existing drain pipes to insert the new fitting, apply pipe cleaner and then pipe glue to the flange and the fitting, insert the fitting and twist it fully into the flange. If you can''t move the existing stack or drain pipes, get a no-hub flexible

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