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Peoples Service Line Installation Standards 1 | P a g e Preface The information presented in this manual is provided as a guide to those installing, inspecting, and testing plastic natural gas service lines within the Peoples Natural

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As long as the Water pipe, Gas pipe or Oil pipe, coming into your property are metallic, Main Bonding is compulsory in all circumstances even when the rest of the pipes in your house are plastic. Supplementary Bonding Supplementary Bonding is the use of a slighter thinner (4mm) green and yellow copper cable to connect together all metal pipes

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Where the incoming supply itself is plastic (increasingly common) and the property has internal plastic piping, no main bond is required to the service. If there is a plastic supply, but all internal pipework is metal, then the pipework should be treated as one would other "extraneous" metalwork like the CH system''s pipework, and include it in the main EQ bonding.

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2005/10/01· Size this metal water piping-bonding jumper per Table 250.66, based on the largest ungrounded conductor of the SDS. You don''t need a water pipe bonding jumper, if you: Use the water pipe as the grounding electrode for the SDS

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Polyethylene pipe, used for water supply lines, drainage pipe gas and sewer hook-ups, offers a durable flexible alternative to metal and hard plastic pipe. Polyethylene pipe does not fracture or break during freeze/thaw weather cycles

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Other metal piping systems. You must bond metal piping systems (such as gas or air) to an effective ground-fault current path, if they''re likely to become energized [250.104(B)]. According to the NFPA''s National Fuel Gas Code, the equipment-grounding (bonding) conductor for the circuit that may energize the piping can serve as the bonding means.

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2016/05/05· i did the bonding from the pex cold water pipe upstream to my gas pipe nearby water heater. The guy who open the gas meter give me a red tap 4.7.3 and he wrote bond wire must be connected to electrical panel.

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Metal gas piping bonding is not included in these requirements but is included in 250.4(A)(4) and (B)(3). Specific NEC Bonding Requirements Electrical bonding is addressed in the NEC in Part V of Article 250. The section dealing with bonding metal gas piping is

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3/2/2012· This video shows how to install and reconnect earthing/bonding straps. These were removed when the bath and basin were removed from the bathroom. Brought to Skip navigation

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Pipe behind plasterboard on battens Pipe in tier wall Pipe in brick or block wall Pipe in precast beam & block Pipe in raft Screed Corrosion protected pipe Soft copper tube in plastic sleeve Adhesive dabs Gas pipe behind

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metal-to-metal contact with a rigid pipe component or CSST fitting. This direct-bond is in addition to any other bonding requirements as specified by local codes for ground fault protection. The 2018 edition of the National Fuel Gas Code, International Fuel Gas Code, and Uniform Pluing Code limits the. length of the bonding conductor to 75-ft

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Master Bond Chemical and Heat Resistance Protective Epoxy Coatings For Oil and Gas Pipelines Fully Curable at Aient Temperatures. Current protective coating technology for oil and gas pipelines is recognized to have both

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Polyethylene pipe, used for water supply lines, drainage pipe gas and sewer hook-ups, offers a durable flexible alternative to metal and hard plastic pipe. Polyethylene pipe does not fracture or break during freeze/thaw weather cycles

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This American Gas Association fact sheet provides an overview of the requirements for the electrical bonding of fuel gas piping systems to the electrical grounding system based on ANSI Z223.1/NFPA 54, National Fuel Gas Code - 2018 (NFGC). The bonding

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2019/10/23· Traditionally, natural gas systems have been installed in homes by connecting rigid steel-threaded pipe and fittings. Though for decades black steel has been the most popular material used to carry out this work, many

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Judging by the responses to NECA’s online “Code Question of the Day (CQD),” gas piping and its use in bonding and grounding sure generated controversy and explosive comentary. The following questions and answers should clarify what many readers are asking.

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There is a quiet revolution occurring in the home-building industry. Traditional single- and multiple-dwelling construction methods as we knew them have changed forever. Metal studs are now often being installed in place of wood and steel beams in place of wooden trusses and joists. Telephone, sound, cable television, and computer systems are being interconnected into a structured wiring system. …

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See the AGA Plastic Pipe Manual For Gas Service Technical Service Bulletin 4 CAUTION – Once polyethylene pipe has been permeated with liquid hydrocarbons, heat fusion or electrofusion joining is not recommended because

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15-02-2012· The plastic runs up into a bathroom and copper pipe is taken off it to supply the bathroom. The plastic pipe carries on up into the loft which i then assume feeds more copper pipework. As I see it, there is no requirement for supplementary bonding, as the copper is supplied by plastic. But there would be a requirement to earth any copper

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I''m trying to interpret and apply the 2017 NEC bonding requirements from 250.104(B) to my existing home gas line. I''ve read this related question to determine I should use #6 AWG wire, but I''m unsure of how to exactly connect the wire to my gas pipe where it enters my home. 2017 NEC Bonding Requirement - 250.104(B)

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We sell a large selection of Hdpe Fittings and Fusion Equipment. All products are available at our online store. We are a polyethylene pipe fittings and fusion equipment supplier. Hdpe Fusion Equipment Butt Fusion Machines and

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CD Revised Nov 2002 The IEE is not responsible for the opinions expressed in the above page. 4 Table A: Supplementary bonding in a nuer of permutations of copper and plastic pipe Pipework material Waste Pipes Cold Water Hot

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2000/03/01· Is Gas Pipe Grounding Legal? You must not use an underground metal gas piping system as a grounding electrode. So, what''s the confusion all about? The controversy behind bonding and grounding metal gas piping

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1999/02/08· The requirements for bonding and grounding of containers during the transfer of Class I flammable liquids are contained in 29 CFR 1910, paragraph (e)(6)(ii). This paragraph does not specifically address plastic containers. However

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Gastite is a corrugated stainless steel tubing (CSST) lightweight alternative to copper gas pipe. With its flexible design, Gastite can cut installation time by up to 50%, when compared to a traditional gas pipework system.

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Generic Butt Fusion Joining Procedure for Field Joining of Polyethylene Pipe TR-33 2012 105 Decker Court, Suite 825, Irving, TX 75062 Phone: 469-499-1044 Fax

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