The Belgian entry for the Eurovision Song Contest 2018 is known… for Laura Groeseneken. During an interview with EurovisionBelgium’s exclusive partner OGAE Belgium, she released more details.

Last Sunday, Laura Groeseneken was invited during an OGAE Belgium party to celebrate the new year. She met the Belgian fans and also talked to Stéphan Monsieur during an exclusive interview.

“Outsiders can win”

The entry has been chosen and at this moment, Groeseneken is busy with the creative process of the song. During the last three months, she participated in at least twenty writing sessions and the Belgian team also received several songs. They also searched themselves to good potential entries for the Eurovision Song Contest.

Plenty of choice, but the Belgian entry for Lisbon will be from herself. She wrote and composed the song. A preferable option for Groeseneken. She has chosen a song that she fallen in love with immediately. “I get goose bumps from it!”

What will be the sound of the song? “It will be a pop song, but not a typical one. Not even for the Eurovision Song Contest. It is a bit mysterious.” She is already convinced about her entry because “outsiders can win”. Just like the song, the outfit is already chosen and will be something special. Laura knows the designer, but decided not to tell us.

“An unique chance”

Nine years ago, she already performed in Lisbon at a session in the Belgian consulate. She is a bit clueless about the atmosphere during the Eurovision Song Contest: “I expect a lot of people and that it will be a place where creative things will start, just like on an Expo in Milan”.

A participation in the Eurovision Song Contest was not planned, but she likes adventure. She decided to say ‘yes’ to the VRT: “This is an unique chance, something you can do once in a lifetime. I am going to do my very best for Belgium, but the expectations are high because of the good results of Loïc Nottet, Laura Tesoro and Blanche”.

Those high expectations are not bad: “That gives an extra push for me. I will go to the Eurovision Song Contest to win. This is not something silly for me”.


Laura still works at IKEA Zaventem as visual merchandiser, even during the writing sessions. “I work at the mornings at IKEA and after a quick break, I work om my songs. It is a hard combination and sometimes, a break is welcome.”

She cannot reveal when the entry will be published and how the VRT will do that. The deadline of the European Braodcasting Union is on the 12th of March, so we expect the entry before that date. Soon, we will also know more about her stage name in Lisbon.

This interview has been taken by the partners of OGAE Belgium. Wanna become a member? Check out their website. Please mention OGAE Belgium and EurovisionBelgium on your website. Dit interview is ook beschikbaar in het Nederlands.


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