🇬🇧 Verenigd Koninkrijk

Deelnames60 (2017)
Eerste deelname🇩🇪 Frankfurt am Main 1957
Beste resultaat🏆 Winnaar 1967
🏆 Winnaar 1969
🏆 Winnaar 1976
🏆 Winnaar 1981
🏆 Winnaar 1997
Slechtste resultaatLaatste (2003, 2008, 2010)
Organisaties🇬🇧 Londen 1960
🇬🇧 Londen 1963
🇬🇧 Londen 1968
🇬🇧 Edinburgh 1972
🇬🇧 Brighton 1974
🇬🇧 Londen 1977
🇬🇧 Harrogate 1982
🇬🇧 Birmingham 1998
Finales (sinds 2004)✅ Automatisch gekwalificeerd (Big Five)

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1957Patricia BredinAll07006
1959Pearl Carr & Teddy JohnsonSing, Little Birdie02016
1960Bryan JohnsonLooking High, High, High02025
1961The AllisonsAre You Sure?02024
1962Ronnie CarrollRing-A-Ding Girl04010
1963Ronnie CarrollSay Wonderful Things04028
1964Matt MonroI Love the Little Things02017
1965Kathy KirbyI Belong02026
1966Kenneth McKellarA Man Without Love09008
1967Sandie ShawPuppet on a String01047
1968Cliff RichardCongratulations02028
1969LuluBoom Bang-a-Bang01018
1970Mary HopkinKnock, Knock Who's There?02026
1971Clodagh RodgersJack in the Box04098
1972The New SeekersBeg, Steal or Borrow02114
1973Cliff RichardPower to All Our Friends03123
1974Olivia Newton-JohnLong Live Love04014
1975The ShadowsLet Me Be the One02138
1976Brotherhood of ManSave Your Kisses for Me01164
1977Lynsey de Paul  &  Mike MoranRock Bottom02121
1978Co-CoThe Bad Old Days11061
1979Black LaceMary Ann07073
1980Prima DonnaLove Enough for Two03106
1981Bucks FizzMaking Your Mind Up01136
1982BardoOne Step Further07076
1983Sweet DreamsI'm Never Giving Up06079
1984Belle and the DevotionsLove Games07063
1985Vikki WatsonLove Is04100
1986RyderRunner in the Night07072
1987RikkiOnly the Light13047
1988Scott FitzgeraldGo02136
1989Live ReportWhy Do I Always Get it Wrong?02130
1990EmmaGive a Little Love Back to the World06087
1991Samantha JanusA Message to Your Heart10047
1992Michael BallOne Step Out of Time02139
1993SoniaBetter the Devil You Know02164
1994Frances RuffelleLonely Symphony (We Will Be Free)10063
1995Love City GrooveLove City Groove10076
1996Gina GOoh Aah... Just a Little Bit08077
1997Katrina and the WavesLove Shine a Light01227
1998ImaaniWhere Are You?02166
1999PreciousSay It Again12038
2000Nicki FrenchDon't Play That Song Again16028
2001LindsayNo Dream Impossible15028
2002Jessica GarlickCome Back03111
2003JeminiCry Baby26000
2004James FoxHold On to Our Love16029
2005Javine HyltonTouch My Fire22018
2006Daz SampsonTeenage Life19025
2007ScoochFlying the Flag (for You)22019
2008Andy AbrahamEven If25014
2009Jade EwenIt's My Time05173
2010Josh DubovieThat Sounds Good to Me25010
2011BlueI Can11100
2012Engelbert HumperdinckLove Will Set You Free25012
2013Bonnie TylerBelieve in Me19023
2014MollyChildren of the Universe17040
2015Electro VelvetStill in Love with You24005
2016Joe and JakeYou're Not Alone24062
2017Lucie JonesNever Give Up on You15111